Wine - Glass and Bottle
Wine – Glass and Bottle

The name says it all. Painted from scratch in Photoshop and makes use of the lesson learnt from my earlier pencil sketch (reflections). I think, I like sketching bottles šŸ˜

Kingfisher (Watercolors)

Kingfisher (Watercolor Painting)
Kingfisher (Traditional Art, Watercolors, Snap taken with cell phone)

I finally got off my lazy ass and bought some thin brushes (Well, my kid remembered and got a few for forgetful me while she was on her way but thats just fine print.) Anyway, started to “sketch” the photo that was open on my PC and before I knew it… Voila! Kinda got carried away. I like this one even though I got sloppy in the end with the lighter feather strokes near the bottom.

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Farewell (Digital Painting)
Farewell (Digital Painting)

You meet so many people in your life and some of them quickly become anĀ indispensableĀ and meaningful part of you. But there are times when you have to part ways… you have to bid farewell for reasons that seem so right at the time. The important thing is… I will never forget… Will always carry these memories with me. My gift as well as my curse.

Took me about an hour. This one cannot be classified as anything but a doodle and yet, I like this one a lot.

Bleeding Rose

Rose (Digital Painting, Photoshop)
Bleeding Rose (Digital Painting, Photoshop)

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.Alfred Lord Tennyson

Completed over a span of three days. Few mins per day. One of those times when you just don’t want to do anything; art being the least of your worries. Dedicated to the month of love – February *groans*

Death & Rebirth

Death (Painting, Photoshop)
Death (Painting, Photoshop)
Rebirth (Painting, Photoshop)
Rebirth (Painting, Photoshop)
Took me more time than I would like to admit. Had a vision this morning and I just had to paint it and the thing about visions is… visions are usually always way better than what your skills will allow you to create. I hope to visit this topic in the near future when my skills have developed further.