Farewell (Digital Painting)
Farewell (Digital Painting)

You meet so many people in your life and some of them quickly become an indispensable and meaningful part of you. But there are times when you have to part ways… you have to bid farewell for reasons that seem so right at the time. The important thing is… I will never forget… Will always carry these memories with me. My gift as well as my curse.

Took me about an hour. This one cannot be classified as anything but a doodle and yet, I like this one a lot.

3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Now…this one deserves a comment as well. Im not discussing the lines, the angles, the proportions, as this is not my cup of tea…but what I liked is the atmosphere and the message conveyed to me at least. Awesomely done. 🙂

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