Happy Birthday Kiddo

Happy Birthday Kiddo (Watercolor Painting)
Happy Birthday Kiddo (Watercolor Painting)

Since I am completely broke this time around after some heavy purchasing, a painting should suffice. For the world’s best kid/little sister. Not exaggerating. She seriously is the best (although at times gets on my nerves. Hahahaha).

In a lot of ways, she does seem to be one of the main reasons why I still doodle/paint.

Red Cardinal – Watercolor Painting

Red Cardinal (Watercolor Painting)
Red Cardinal (Watercolor Painting)

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” Vincent Van Gogh

Felt good working on it after a long break from any form of art. Sometimes you feel like there is no way you can paint/sketch; like you have lost your skill. It seems important at those times to just go ahead and do it anyway. Usually feels good at the exercise.
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My Six-String

My Six String
My Six String

Everyone/thing deserves to go out with a bang. One last amazing performance before they retire. I just ordered a ton of new art materials like new brushes and watercolors and wanted to make one last painting with the old ones. This is the one. Nothing to scale, just freehand. I love the texture of the guitar body since its so close to the real thing but I seriously screwed up with the background. A bit too much.

Kingfisher (Watercolors)

Kingfisher (Watercolor Painting)
Kingfisher (Traditional Art, Watercolors, Snap taken with cell phone)

I finally got off my lazy ass and bought some thin brushes (Well, my kid remembered and got a few for forgetful me while she was on her way but thats just fine print.) Anyway, started to “sketch” the photo that was open on my PC and before I knew it… Voila! Kinda got carried away. I like this one even though I got sloppy in the end with the lighter feather strokes near the bottom.

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Bleeding Rose

Rose (Digital Painting, Photoshop)
Bleeding Rose (Digital Painting, Photoshop)

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.Alfred Lord Tennyson

Completed over a span of three days. Few mins per day. One of those times when you just don’t want to do anything; art being the least of your worries. Dedicated to the month of love – February *groans*