Death & Rebirth

Death (Painting, Photoshop)
Death (Painting, Photoshop)
Rebirth (Painting, Photoshop)
Rebirth (Painting, Photoshop)
Took me more time than I would like to admit. Had a vision this morning and I just had to paint it and the thing about visions is… visions are usually always way better than what your skills will allow you to create. I hope to visit this topic in the near future when my skills have developed further.

2 thoughts on “Death & Rebirth

  1. These two I totally LOVE!!!!

    I was looking for a *Like* button to select I love them that much hehehe

    These are very evocative and emotive. They appeal to my current mood so I can really relate to them.


  2. I would swap the titles.. killing smth or smbd brings always a rebirth..but.. every rebirth brings a kill(er).. and so forth… Is it special?

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