Project: VT Corp Pvt Ltd

Skills Used:
WordPress customization and plugin development, PHP-MySQL, HTML, CSS

A WordPress project for a big client. The requirements were simple but having a team, on their end, drafting out the requirements and regularly refining them meant there were a lot of tiny customizations and requests along the way. All in all a job well done. Enjoyed working with them.

Project: Cinful Temptations

Cinful Temptation (Website powered by Joomla)
Cinful Temptation (Website powered by Joomla)

Skills Used:
Joomla! plugin & theme development, PHP-MySQL, HTML, CSS

Although this one is old, it still is definitely one of my favourite projects. Great client too. Loved working on it.

Doesn’t all that dripping chocolate make you crave for some?

Project: Pay-Ad

Skills Used:
Core PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX & jQuery

A long project which was built up in stages. The brain-child of a young entrepreneur, a video viewing site where the user is awarded points for watching videos. These points can then be exchanged for discount coupons for brands and stores.

This project was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for me. Everything was custom built for this project. The UI, admin section, the vendor logins, account creation & verification, the fluid ajax redemption process, the custom built youtube player skin, the sms gateway integration etc.